What things should you keep in mind when looking for a criminal attorney

You have to think about lots of details in your type of case because the lawsuit may have the most un-expectable outcome and consequences for you. That’s why hiring a right person is the first step in winning your case.

In the very beginning, you have to choose whether you want to deal with a big law firm or you want to hire an attorney by yourself. In the first option, the caseload might be very heavy. That means that they may start working on your case much later than a personal lawyer would. However, this is the reason why big firms are much cheaper than the small ones. It is simply a business logic. A solo practitioner will be able to give you as much time as you might need, however, not everybody can afford their services. Their price is based on a small caseload and the need to charge every client as much as they can. Which option to choose is totally up to you and the size of your budget.

Dealing with a large law firm may also have its disadvantages. When you are talking to a lawyer, you cannot be sure that this is the person who will be helping you with your case. It is a popular scheme for a big firm, when your deal is being processed by a number of specialists that are each responsible for a certain part. On the other side, a small firm or a personal attorney is the one who you are going to talk both about your case and financial part. For some understandable reasons, you may feel uncomfortable, if you are missing a payment deadline, and your attorney is the person whom you should explain your financial problems too. This is a stressing situation and sometimes it is more important to feel comfortable, but it is absolutely individual.

Sometimes the experience of the attorney is not a key to your success. Some better-experienced specialists may not be the ones you would like to work with. And vice versa, a young and too much enthusiastic lawyer may make a mistake that his older colleague would never do.

When you are going to have a consultation with your attorney, try to figure out whether this is a person you would trust to lead your case. Some lawyers like to over promise a good result to their clients. That’s pretty unprofessional and should make you think twice before hiring this attorney. Not a single specialist, no matter how experienced he is, can tell you the result of your case. No one can. You should look for a lawyer who is going to focus on the details of your deal and is willing to work together with you towards your success.

To sum up, the best advice in looking for a perfect attorney for a criminal defence case is to find the one you are going to find comfortable working with, the one that you can afford and the one who has a track record of success in your type of case. While you may find the most expensive and experienced attorney in the states, he may not be a right person for you. The first meeting with your lawyer is going to give you the answer whether he is going to be your representative in court or not.