A Beginner’s Guide to Calculating Your Law Firm’s Marketing ROI – Lawyer Marketing

Today, most of the users before their makes purchases on the Internet select tickets for entertainment, and even before contacting a lawyer, first try to “google” in search of reviews about it. Believe me, that complete lack of information about a lawyer on the World Wide Web will alert any of them even more, than negative reviews.

Why legal services marketing is so important for your law firm

Let us prove in figures the statement that potential clients are looking for it daily on the Internet. According to statistics, in Washington DC alone, the request “legal advice” is entered more than 30,000 times a month!

Just imagine how many clients you are losing if you still not represent enough yourself on the Web.

Key Request Statistics

Special tools for legal services marketing will help to draw attention to your practice on the Internet. It is important to understand that by working on recognition and memorability of you personally as a specialist or of your law firm as a whole, you repeatedly increase the correspondence trust of a potential client.

It is necessary to fully represent yourself on the Internet if you want to have a steady stream of clients at your practice. Do you agree? Then let’s take a look at the points, how and where to get extra clients for a lawyer.

Social networks

Social networks are the easiest and most obvious answer to the question – where to get more clients to a lawyer. It is because of social networks millions of people communicate and spend time in search of interesting information every day.

In addition to a personal profile, you should have a page for your practice – this is where you can publish useful information for potential and existing clients. It is important that your pages, like the site, do not look abandoned. For that, you needed regularly add very interesting content to your accounts.

Which social networks are most useful to register and what to publish there:

1. Facebook. The monthly audience more than 2.27 billion visitors. Sex ratios: 42% are males, 58% are females. Valid content formats:

· photo;

· video;

· text posts;

· links.

Recommended publication frequency: 3-4 posts per week.

2. Twitter. Monthly audience: more than 326 million visitors. Sex ratios: 51.6% are males, 48.4% are females. Valid content formats:

· photo;

· video;

· Text posts (no more than 140 characters);

· links.

Recommended publication frequency: daily.

3. Instagram. Monthly audience: more than 1 billion visitors. Sex ratio: 22.9% – men, 77.1% – women. Valid content formats:

· photo;

· video.

Recommended publication frequency: 3-4 posts per week.

Of course, “working” on all popular social networks is almost impossible for one person. For a start, you can begin to lead some group in one of the networks, and as you progress, you can hire a specialist who will take over the job and help to increase promotion effectiveness.

Different legal blogs

It is also highly advisable to attract attention to your practice through the publication of copyright materials on popular legal sites. For example, some sites offer everyone a good opportunity to create a personal legal blog.

What topics can cover a legal blog:

  • · current changes in legislation;
  • · practical tips, paperwork templates, etc.
  • · interesting lawsuits and their own successful cases.

If you are ready to write articles by yourself than such advertising will be free for you and will require only some time-consuming.

write articles

You can post your interesting articles in our blog. To post an article, contact our specialists through this form – “About Us“. You can also add your candidacy as a specialist to our database of lawyers via the link – ADD ATTORNEY.

The main thing is to choose the right topics of materials, highlighting most pressing issues that are closely related to the scope of your practice.

Selling service descriptions

Draw lists of lawyers, who are one way or another, the same type as you. To make these lists more attractive and understandable to the clients just use “tasty”, and bright texts that are written in a living human language.

Competitive advantages.

What makes you different from the competition? Free consultation? Discount for pensioners? 24-hour hotline? Your potential client needs arguments – that you are better than others. Think about it.

Customer reviews and case studies.

Feedback from grateful customers will add confidence and trust to you by those who are still thinking about purchasing your services. How to make cool cases that will work perfectly look at the information provided above.

Practice insurance.

Insurance practice is optional. But this is another item in the piggy bank of your solidity and seriousness as a lawyer.

All these methods will definitely bring results because the average client, first of all, goes to the most “untwisted” resources, and falling out on the first lines of search engines. And the bigger and more popular the ad portal, the more trust it inspires.