How to find an excellent attorney

Decide what type of lawyer you need

The very first step in choosing your attorney is to decide what kind of a specialist you need. The best choice for you would be the one that has already worked in the field that your case belongs to. It also would be good for you, if you find a specialist that concentrates on the laws and court system of the area that you live in.

Talk to other people

Another option in finding your perfect attorney is having a conversation with your relatives, friends and colleagues that had an experience in dealing with the attorney. Ask them what kind of case he was working with and were they satisfied with his service.

Search through websites

It’s not a big problem now to look for websites that have descriptions and reviews of attorneys’ work and comments from people that have dealt with them. You should check on the one that you’ve been looking for even if you got some good recommendations from other people because the specialist that won the case in one field might be not that qualified in your type of case.

How to find an excellent attorney

Make an appointment with the lawyer

After finishing previous steps, you should already have a list of specialists which have satisfied your criteria. To make sure you have chosen a right one, you should meet personally to figure out whether you both are able to work together and win your lawsuit.

There is also an option of having a phone interview with an attorney, if you find a specialist out-of-state. But if you want him to represent you personally in court, it would better, if you find one that lives in the same state as yours.

List the questions

Make a list of questions that you are willing to ask the attorney. You may use it when you will compare your candidates. Ask the questions regarding your case. A well-qualified specialist won’t have any problems answering them. Ask him about the price for his service, your chances of success and his ability to start working on your case as soon as possible. Don’t forget to bring the documents that you think are the most important to your case with you.

Paying for services

Usually, attorneys charge their clients either by a flat fee, or a contingency fee, or an hourly fee.

  • The first type of fee means that an attorney will charge you only one for his services, no matter how much time he had to spend on it;
  • The second fee type usually applies to personal injury cases or some related ones. In this case you don’t pay anything to the attorney, instead, he will get a percentage of the settlement amount;
  • Hourly fee means that an attorney will get paid by you on an hourly basis.

It’s better to plan your fees ahead of the process and make sure that the attorney will inform you in case some additional charges will be needed.

Signing a contract

A contract between you and an attorney is an engagement letter or retainer. It should define the kind of business relationship between you and an attorney, conditions and terms of the agreement. Expenses also should be listed in this contract.