Fake Law Firms

It’s not a secret that the law industry is evolving from year to year. However, it’s important not to lose your vigilance while choosing from various law firms.

Working scheme of fake law firms

If you decide to hire an attorney, you will be amazed by the number of possible specialists that are ready to deal with your case. However, it might take a bunch of time to choose from all law firms the one that you will be satisfied with.

It never comes to our mind that one day the need for an attorney will become a part of your life. When that happens, you need to search thoroughly through all the characteristics of a law company that you want to sign a contract with.

There are lots of scammers that make their living by using a person’s desperate position and charge individuals’ fees that they don’t have to pay for. These fake law firms might have even professionally developed websites that can make you trust them. Sometimes they don’t even need to put additional efforts to create them. Scam law firms can simply take the same information that they have posted on their previous website before deleting it after the previous successful fraud. What is more dangerous, is that you can find a law firm that is completely copied from an original legal one.

The range of the cases that fake law firms like to deal with is the same as the list of services of a legal attorney. They will try to attract your attention before legitimate law companies. Their job is to pull out your money before you figure out that you are dealing with scammers.

You can understand that you are working with a fake law firm, if they ask you to pay advance fees, but don’t provide any services. These might even be a one-day company that will no longer exist after your first investments.Even though sometimes cases do require some prepayments, you should double-check the legitimacy of those fees.

So, how can you avoid being tricked by a fake law firm?

The best advice is always schedule a personal meeting with your lawyer before paying anything to the company. You have to find a contact on the website to plan a one-to-one appointment with a specialist. Professional firms understand that they are working in a field, where it is very easy to become a victim of a fraud. They should do anything they can so that you could meet up with a professional attorney. You should insist on a meeting at their office or any other working place. It is also a good sign, if you manage to find lawyer’s phone in a phone book. Scam firms don’t usually waste their time on registering their employees or the firm itself, especially if this is a one-day company as we mentioned earlier.

You will lower the risk of being scammed, if you just make a trip to the official office of the firm, instead of rushing to pay their fees. It is even more dangerous, if they ask you to pay something online before your visit to their place of work. The best situation, in this case, is to find someone who has already dealt with this company and can confirm that their services are legal.